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Sunday’s Mystery eBooks: Late Reads

Dark Hollow
by John Connolly


Now, Connolly returns with Dark Hollow, a terrifying and ingenious novel of a murderous spree that reaches back decades into the victims’ pasts. Back again is ex-New York Police Detective Charlie “Bird” Parker, who has returned to his hometown of Scarborough, Maine, after the vicious killings of his wife and daughter; it is time to leave the bloodstained streets of Manhattan and rebuild his family’s house – as well as his own life.

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Girl in Pieces
by Kathleen Glasgow


Fans of Girl, Interrupted, Thirteen Reasons Why, and All the Bright Places will love the New York Times bestselling novel Girl in Pieces. Charlotte Davis is in pieces. At seventeen she’s already lost more than most people do in a lifetime. But she’s learned how to forget. The broken glass washes away the sorrow until there is nothing but calm. You don’t have to think about your father and the river. Your best friend, who is gone forever. Or your mother, who has nothing left to give you.

The Secret Life of Souls
by Jack Ketchum, Lucky McKee


A gripping family drama that brilliantly explores the relationship between a young girl and her dog – and the mysteries that lie within. At the heart of this psychological suspense novel is the haunting depiction of a family’s fall and the extraordinary gifted dog, Caity, who knows the truth. As the drama unfolds Caity evolves from protector to savior, from scapegoat to prop, and eventually, from avenger to survivor.

The Bourne Enigma
by Eric Van Lustbader


On the eve of Russian general Boris Karpov’s wedding, Jason Bourne receives an enigmatic message from his old friend and fellow spymaster. In Moscow, what should be a joyous occasion turns bloody and lethal. Now Bourne is the only one who can decipher Karpov’s cryptogram. He discovers that Karpov has betrayed his sovereign to warn Bourne of a crippling disaster about to be visited on the world. Bourne has only four days to discover the nature of the disaster and stop it.

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(Jason Bourne series)

by Michelle Dorey


Keira is flunking out of school…again. Too many late nights out partying and clubbing, once more torpedo her career plans. Her parents are tearing their hair out; this is the third time she’s screwed up. Time for some tough love.

With no funds or apartment anymore she is shipped off to live with a grandmother she never knew existed even! Grandma lives in a haunted house and is a powerful psychic. Keira’s paranormal gifts are about to grow under granny’s tutelage. But malevolent forces, demons even, don’t want Keira meddling with the veil that separates life and spirits.

Sunday’s Mystery eBooks: Early Reads

Confessions of the Assistant Books 1-3
by Lotta Smith, Hot Tree Editing


Ghostly Murder: A murder in a locked room… The faceless ghost… Throw in a cross-dressing detective plus his assistant extraordinaire in this new mystery series! Immortal Eyes: Serial murder with a sick ritual… The most unusual way to use Eggs Benedict… and the mismatched duo’s race against time… Deadly Vision: A sweet n’ cold murder… A newbie, pathetic agent…and a HOT MESS… PI Assistant extraordinaire Kelly Kinki is back, and she’s stuck between a hunk and a hard case.

The 13th Juror
by John Lescroart


He is obsessed with her innocence. He will be destroyed by her guilt. The walls were champagne. The house was immaculate. A prosperous doctor lived there with his son and his beautiful wife. But the elegant walls hid a family’s secret, a wife’s shame. And one day shots rang out in the doctor’s house. Suddenly Jennifer Witt was in jail, facing the death penalty.

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(Dismas Hardy Mysteries)

Dressed for Death
by Julianna Deering


Drew and Madeline Farthering celebrate their six-month anniversary by attending a fancy Regency era costume party. Drew is glad to see Talbot Cummins, an Oxford classmate, and his fiancée, Alice Henley, though many present seem worried about the couple. Everyone’s concerns are realized when, at the concluding grand ball, Alice dies of an overdose of cocaine.

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The Pull of the Moon
by Elizabeth Berg


Uncomfortable with the fit of her life, now that she’s in the middle of it, Nan gets into her car and just goes–driving across the country on back roads, following the moon; and stopping to talk to people.  Through conversations with women, men, with her husband through letters, and with herself through her diary, Nan confronts topics long overdue for her attention.

Imperfect Defense
by Gregg E. Brickman


Elder abuse becomes a reality to nurse Sophia Burgess after her elderly friend is murdered and the father-in-law of a powerful man comes to the hospital with injuries that do not look accidental. When her superiors don’t see it her way and refuse to report the suspected abuse, Sophia’s fiancé, Detective Ray Stone, encourages her to make the call.

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