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Wednesday’s Mystery Kindle Books: Late Reads

Framed in Cherry Hills
by Paige Sleuth


Kat Harper doesn’t expect her first meeting with the Furry Friends Foster Families nonprofit organization to kick off with the mysterious absence of another member. But it soon becomes clear why Willow Wu is a no-show; she’s been arrested for a crime that nobody can believe. Now, with a little help from her cat Matty, Kat has to figure out who is framing Willow and why.

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The Other One
by Amanda Jay


Ezra Orson never intended to be a murderer, but he’s on the brink of discovering something that will destroy not just his family, but the world as they know it. Tom has spent his whole life barely surviving in the Underbelly of a city that runs on cogs and cables. Felix is forced to leave the safety of his home to find a twin he never knew existed. Kaelyn wants to save a child. Onyx, a nation. But for Mliss, a clockwork city, there is very little time left. A world like a spinning coin.

Crash Alive
by Christopher Kerns


“A high-tech Da Vinci Code.” Haylie Black is a 17-year-old hacker with a chip on her shoulder. When her brother vanishes trying to solve a legendary internet puzzle, Haylie knows that she’s the only one who can track him down. As she begins to reveal the mysteries behind each clue, she’s pulled deeper and deeper into a secret world she never could have imagined.

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by Lis Wiehl


Two little girls, frozen in black and white. One picture worth killing for.

The Civil Rights Movement is less than a distant memory to Lisa Waldren – it is someone else’s memory altogether, passed on to her through the pages of history. Her life as a federal prosecutor in Boston feels utterly remote from the marches in the South that changed her father’s generation – and the entire nation – forever.

The Game
by Tom Wood


OPENING MOVE. After executing a hit on a fellow assassin in Algiers, Victor – the world’s deadliest hit man – is contracted by the CIA for an assignment that will take him across Europe to the blood-stained streets of Rome…and straight into hell. COUNTER MOVE. Victor must pose as his previous – and very much dead – target to figure out who the killer’s next victim was going to be. But what was supposed to be a quick operation soon becomes much more complicated and treacherous. FINAL MOVE.

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Wednesday’s Mystery Kindle Books: Early Reads

The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell
by Lilian Jackson Braun


While the town of Pickax is swept up in its sesquicentennial celebrations, Koko has developed a strange new hobby: He drops himself from balconies, occasionally landing in the oddest of places. When a young man comes to visit his wealthy relatives, Koko plummets straight onto his head! Meanwhile, a hurricane is brewing, and the visitor’s family members soon fall deathly ill. Qwill has his work cut out for him as Pickax-as foreshadowed by Koko-is about to be hit by a bombshell.

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The Monster of Silver Creek
by Belinda G. Buchanan


TERROR HAS COME… This small town in Prairie County, Montana has been rocked to its very core with the brutal murders of four women. A serial killer, whose calling card is as unusual as it is twisted, is on the loose – and troubled Police Chief Nathan Sommers is bent on stopping him at all costs.

While tracking the killer, Nathan must battle his own demons as he struggles to cope with the death of his wife. He feels her dying was a direct result of his actions and is consumed with guilt. Nathan’s personal life becomes even more complicated when he meets Katie, the pretty new owner of the bakery.

She’s Mine
by Tammy Doherty


Caitlin Harrington has a new job and a new life away from her menacing ex-boyfriend, Adam. Issues with her parents, losing her previous job and the death of her beloved grandmother leave her wondering if God has abandoned her. Two things she is sure of: she’s a lousy judge of character and men just can’t be trusted. Now a volunteer firefighter who has come to her rescue more than once is dangerously close to breaking through her defenses. And not everyone in sleepy Naultag, Massachusetts is welcoming. Someone is leaving ominous notes on her door.

Neon Dragon
by John F. Dobbyn


Amid the flash and din of Boston’s raucous Chinese New Year’s celebration, an elderly man is shot while watching the parade from his window. Anthony Bradley, the son of an African-American judge, is standing across the street at the time and is immediately arrested for the crime.Michael Knight, a young lawyer who’s going places, is surprised when Judge Bradley asks him to defend his son in such a high profile and politically delicate case.

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The Queen’s Accomplice
by Susan Elia Macneal


Spy and code-breaker extraordinaire Maggie Hope returns to war-weary London, where she is thrust into the dangerous hunt for a monster, as the New York Times bestselling mystery series for fans of Jacqueline Winspear, Charles Todd, and Anne Perry continues. England, 1942. The Nazis’ relentless Blitz may have paused, but London’s nightly blackouts continue. Now, under the cover of darkness, a madman is brutally killing and mutilating young women in eerie and exact re-creations of Jack the Ripper’s crimes.

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