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Thursday’s Mystery Kindle Books: Late Reads

Split Second
by Catherine Coulter


A serial killer is on the loose, and it’s up to FBI agents Dillon Savich and Lacey Sherlock to bring him down. They soon discover that the killer has blood ties to an infamous and now long-dead monster. Savich and Sherlock are joined by agents Lucy Carlyle and Cooper McKnight, and the chase is on. At the same time, Agent Carlyle learns from her dying father that her grandfather didn’t simply walk away from his family twenty-two years ago…

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(An FBI Thriller Mysteries)

Forgive Me
by Daniel Palmer


“A definite thrill fest.”Suspense Magazine

Angie has no idea what it means or how to explain other questionable items among her mother’s possessions. Her father claims to know nothing. Could Angie have a sister or other relative she was never told about? Bryce Taggart, a U.S. Marshal, agrees to help Angie learn the fate of the girl in the photograph.

Day Shift
by Charlaine Harris


There is no such thing as bad publicity, except in Midnight, where the residents like to keep to themselves. When psychic Manfred Bernardo finds himself embroiled in a scandal and hounded by the press after one of his regular clients dies during a reading, he turns to enigmatic, beautiful, and dangerous Olivia Charity for help.

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(A Novel of Midnight, Texas Mysteries)

by Meghan O’Flynn


“Chilling, suspenseful, and impossible to put down.” ~ Kristen Mae, bestselling author of Red Water

A newly-married detective on the Ash Park police force, Morrison spends his days working to heal the ails of society to make up for his own checkered past. But though he’s come a long way from a life of deadly, bloody secrets he can’t fully recall

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(An Ash Park Mysteries)

Heat Storm
by Richard Castle


Nikki Heat and Derrick Storm, New York Times bestselling author Richard Castle’s most enduring and beloved characters, team up for the first time to save Nikki’s mother, Cynthia, who has been in hiding (and presumed dead) for 17 years. Standing in their way is a nefarious group of Chinese businessmen known as the Shanghai Seven, who have the resources – and ruthlessness – to stop them.

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(Nikki Heat Mysteries)

God’s Language Made Simple
by Ben Emet


God always speaks to us. But for most Christians, His words do not always appear fully formed and presented clearly. As we push forward in our busy lives afflicted with struggle and strife, we know that He is with us, but His guidance may not always be obvious. In our darkest moments, we feel His touch but often cannot see the forest for the trees.

Thursday’s Mystery Kindle Books: Early Reads

The Doll’s House
by M. J. Arlidge


Ruby wakes up in a strange room. Her captor calmly explains that no one is looking for her. No one wants her. Except him. When the body of a woman is found buried on a secluded beach, Detective Helen Grace is called to the scene. She knows right away that the killer is no amateur. The woman has been dead for years, and no one has even reported her missing. But why would they?

The Sydney Harbour Hospital Collection
by Chris Taylor


Bag a bargain with this boxed set collection of the first five books in the hugely popular Sydney Harbour Hospital Series.
Love fast paced, gritty romance and suspense? Delve into the lives and loves, trials and tribulations, tears and high drama of Chris Taylor’s hugely popular Sydney Harbour Hospital series.

by Celina Grace


The West Country town of Abbeyford is suffering its worst floods in living memory when a landslide reveals the skeletal remains of a young woman. Detective Sergeant Kate Redman is assigned to the case but finds herself up against a baffling lack of evidence, missing files and the suspicion that someone on high is blocking her investigation…

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(The Kate Redman Mysteries)

Our Wild and Precious Lives
by A.G. Russo


“Our Wild and Precious Lives deals with the big questions of Life, Death, Love and Loss set against the backdrop of World War II and the Korean Conflict…it also deals with the social upheaval in families and societies caused by war, on both sides…”  Amazon Review