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Wednesday's Mystery Kindle Books: Early Reads

Wicked in Wonderland
by Lotta Smith,‎ Hot Tree Editing


New Release from  Lotta Smith. Up and coming graphic novelist Eve Wellington has been murdered, and no one’s more surprised than she is to find herself newly dead.

The list of suspects who wanted to erase the self-styled cartoon diva includes rival artists, exhausted editors, and overworked assistants, but it’s the trail of a white rabbit that ultimately leads New York’s premiere paranormal pair to the killer in this wonder-full 11th installment of the Manhattan Mystery Series.

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The Vestals Conspiracy
by Tomasz Chrusciel


Nina Monte, a renowned professor of ancient religions, receives a cryptic message. Her former mentor and a prominent Italian archaeologist, Filippo Oliveri, needs her to come to Romeh – e believes only Nina is capable of understanding the true significance of his new discovery. But when she finally reaches the excavation site, Oliveri is gone. Instead, Nina comes across a series of clues that somehow connect an ancient prophecy, a mystical ritual, and a masterpiece of Michelangelo himself.

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Where Shadows Dance
by C. S. Harris


Regency London: July 1812. How do you set about solving a murder no one can reveal has been committed? That’s the challenge confronting C.S. Harris’s aristocratic soldier-turned-sleuth Sebastian St. Cyr when his friend, surgeon and “anatomist” Paul Gibson, illegally buys the cadaver of a young man from London’s infamous body snatchers. A rising star at the Foreign Office, Mr. Alexander Ross was reported to have died of a weak heart.

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