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Saturday's Mystery Kindle Books: Early Reads

Frosted With Revenge
by Catherine Bruns


Sally Muccio’s walk down the aisle might be her last. The some-time amateur sleuth and full-time bakery owner is finally marrying the man of her dreams. But during a last minute taste testing of their wedding cake, Sally and her fiancé are witnesses -and almost victims! – of a random shooting. At least they think it’s random, until an original fortune cookie message proves otherwise. Is someone after Sally?

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(Cookies & Chance Mysteries)

by t.g. brown


A PREDATOR IS ON THE LOOSE . . . A full year had past since the closure of the O’Henry file and life had returned to normal for Josh Ingram, or so he thought . . .

Stranded on a Louisiana back road, Ingram gets word that Rachael Tanner of the FBI Special Crimes Unit is trying to reach him. There’s been trouble in northern Minnesota, not far from where Mary Kowalski, a close friend of Ingram, spent her formative years. Driven by a morbid obsession and a need for closure, someone or something has begun the Harvest, and those on its list will never be safe.

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(Josh Ingram Mysteries)

Those Children Are Ours
by David Burnett


Jennie screamed at her daughters, cursed her husband, and walked away. Twelve years later, she petitions for visitation with her daughters.

True, Jennie suffered from a bipolar disorder when she began to drink heavily, abandoned her family, and moved in with another man. Also true, she turned her life around completely. But she pressed no claim for her children when her husband divorced her, and she has made no attempt to contact them in any way since. One child remembers nothing good about her; the other recalls nothing at all…

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(Jennie Bateman’s Story)

The Perfect Stranger
by Megan Miranda


When Leah Stevens’ career implodes, a chance meeting with her old friend Emmy Grey offers her the perfect opportunity to start over. Emmy, just out of a bad relationship, convinces Leah to come live with her in rural Pennsylvania, where there are teaching positions available and no one knows Leah’s past. Or Emmy’s.

When the town sees a spate of vicious crimes and Emmy Grey disappears, Leah begins to realize how very little she knows about her friend and roommate. Unable to find friends, family, a paper trail or a digital footprint, the police question whether Emmy Grey existed at all. And mark Leah as a prime suspect.