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Monday's Mystery Kindle Books: Early Reads

Killer Vacation
by R.F. Kacy


Two girls. One island. A killer in the shadows.

Megan and Cassie are in big trouble. The problem is, they don’t know it. A mysterious old lady, a poisonous frog, and evidence of smuggling draw the old childhood friends into searching for a murderer. For Megan, it’s a chance to relive past adventures with Cassie. For Cassie, it’s a walk on the wild side of life. For the killer, they’re a threat to eliminate. The girls need to grow up quick if they want to survive their Killer Vacation.

The Sum of All Fears
by Tom Clancy


Peace may finally be at hand in the Middle East, as Jack Ryan, Deputy Director of Intelligence for the CIA, lays the groundwork for a plan that could end centuries of conflict. But ruthless terrorists have a final, desperate card to play: a nuclear weapon hidden somewhere in the United States.

With one terrible act, distrust mounts, forces collide, and the floundering U.S. president seems unable to cope with the crisis. With the world on the verge of nuclear disaster, Ryan must frantically seek a solution—before the chiefs of state lose control of themselves and the world.

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Enchanted Ruse
by Geoffrey Moehl II


Four monumental hurricanes ravage the Florida coast as an equally tempestuous family drama brews. In spite of his parents’ best efforts, Carter Manning’s personal life spirals into an abyss of depression. His increasingly acerbic sense of humor seems to be wrecking a much hated career in car sales. Since the death of beloved his fiancée, Jennifer Ann, Carter’s life hardly seems worth living anymore.

Dark secrets will be revealed as winds and passions rage towards a deadly climax. Geoffrey Moehl II’s thrilling supernatural follow-up to Florida Heat is a story about the power of family, and a true love that endures beyond the grave.

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The Eagle Catcher
by Margaret Coel


When the Arapaho tribal chairman is found murdered in his tepee at the Ethete powwow, the evidence points to the chairman’s nephew, Anthony Castle. But Father John O’Malley, pastor of St. Francis Mission, and Vicky Holden, the Arapaho lawyer, do not believe the young man capable of murder. Together they set out to find the real murderer and clear Anthony’s name.

The trail that Father John and Vicky follow winds across the high plains of the Wind River Reservation into Arapaho homes and community centers and into the fraud-infested world of Indian oil and land deals.

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