Thursday’s Mystery Kindle Books

Royal Witch Curse
by Zoe Arden


The Goblin King is missing… and the entire goblin species is in jeopardy! When the Goblin King goes missing, the goblins enlist Ava Fortune’s help. Ava doesn’t want to get involved this time. But Sheriff Knoxx refuses to help. Even though he’s part goblin. He’d rather be a full-on wizard. But he knows he can’t ignore his true self forever.

If they can’t find the Goblin King soon, an entire species may be wiped out of existence. It’s never easy being a witch, but things are twice as hard for Ava these days.The goblins are the most demanding of all the paranormals, and soon she learns there’s more to the Goblin King’s disappearance.

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The Exit Man
by Greg Levin


Suicide should come with a warning label: “Do not try this alone.” If you truly need out and want the job done right, consider using an outside expert. Like Eli. Eli Edelmann never intended on taking over his father’s party supply store. Nor did he ever intend on making a living through mercy killing. But life doesn’t always go according to plan.

But how long can he keep his daring “exit” operation going before the police catch on? And what’s he going to do about his volatile new girlfriend, who may or may not be a serial killer?

Nine Coaches Waiting
by Mary Stewart


Linda Martin understands what is to be lonely: her parents died when she was young, and she was raised in an orphanage. When she is hired as a governess to the orphaned young Philippe, Comte de Valmy, Linda finds a kindred spirit in the lonely little boy. But Philippe is the heir to a vast estate in Savoy, and his dangerously handsome uncle may be willing to kill to ensure that Philippe never inherits it.

Mary Stewart’s wonderful novel of suspense and intrigue set in the idyllic countryside of Savoy. A classic tale by one of the world’s most beloved authors.

Until Proven Guilty
by J. A. Jance


Now fans of the enormously popular Sheriff Joanna Brady suspense series by J.A. Jance can discover another side to the acclaimed New York Times bestselling author. Until Proven Guilty – a riveting tale of the very worst kind of murder – marks the debut of Seattle Homicide Detective J.P. Beaumont. This Premium Plus edition of Until Proven Guilty – the classic novel that put the incomparable Jance on the crime fiction map – indisputably proves that she truly belongs “in the elite company of Sue Grafton and Patricia Cornwell” (Flint Journal).

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Little Boy Found
by LK Fox


They thought the nightmare was oer… It was only the Beginning. It was a morning just like any other: Nick drops off his son off at the school gates like he usually does. But then he has a minor collision with another car, and this sets off a chain of events that makes Nick question EVERYTHING he thought he knew.

Be warned, this is not another missing child story. Nicks finds his son, and the truth is far more shocking.

Lethal Action
by Rachel Dylan


Attorney Hope Finch is a rising star at the prestigious New York law firm of Rice & Taylor and is used to high-stakes litigation. But when she’s sent to what she thought was a small, sleepy town in Georgia, she is unprepared for the dangerous turn of events that threatens her life and career.

FBI Special Agent Gabe Marino knows that something sinister is happening in his hometown of Maxwell, Georgia. But even he doesn’t know how big the threat is until he’s assigned to protect a visiting big city lawyer. As Gabe investigates the illegal activity linked to Hope’s client, he tries to caution her, but she ignores his warnings–until it’s her life that’s in jeopardy…

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Piercing the Veil
by Guy Riessen


What do flesh-eating cell phones, brain-enhancing tacos, and a real live dead foot have in common? They’re all tools in the destruction of our world, and a weapons-grade team of heavily-armed Miskatonic University nerds may be humanity’s last hope.

Something is ripping holes in the Veil of energy that separates our world from that of the ancient evils writhing just beyond what we think is reality.

Act of Terror
by Marc Cameron


From coast to coast, our nation is witnessing a new wave of terror. Suicide bombers incite blind panic and paralyzing fear. A flight attendant tries to crash an airliner. A police officer opens fire on fans in a stadium. And at CIA headquarters, a Deputy Director goes on a murderous rampage. The perpetrators appear to be American–but they are covert agents in a vast network of terror, selected and trained for one purpose only: the complete annihilation of America.

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