Friday’s Mystery eBooks

Dog Collar Crime
by Adrienne Giordano
Rating: 4.3


When Lucie parlays her temporary dog-walking gig into a legit career, Frankie becomes her number one supporter. Suddenly, shaking her mob princess reputation doesn’t seem so crazy…until three of her clients are dogjacked.

Despite help from the on-again, off-again Mr. Fix-It in her life, Lucie is thrown into a criminal conspiracy straight out of a gangster movie. One that, if she’s not careful, could leave her sleeping with the fishes.

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(A Lucie Rizzo Mysteries)

by Carolina Mac
Rating: Brand New Release


Immersed in a hunt for stolen money, Blaine is assigned to assist the ATF with an emergency situation. Add in a murder and a kidnapping and the Agency crew are running in circles searching for answers.

About the Author: Born in Toronto, Ontario, Carolina Mac is a mother, grandmother and a voracious reader. She’s the author of fifty books. Always a mystery fan, her second series follows the Quantralls, a P.I. series set in Texas.

One False Move
by Harlan Coben
Rating: 4.5


Twenty years before, Brenda’s mother deserted her. And just as Brenda is making it to the top of the women’s pro basketball world, her father disappears too. A big-time New York sports agent with a foundering love life, Myron has a professional interest in Brenda. Then a personal one. But between them isn’t just the difference in their backgrounds or the color of their skin. Between them is a chasm of corruption and lies, a vicious young mafioso on the make, and one secret that some people are dying to keep – and others are killing to protect….

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(A Lucie Rizzo Mysteries)

Rogue Gunslinger
by B.J. Daniels
Rating: 4.8


A deadly homecoming in Whitehorse, Montana. Bestselling author TJ Clementine thought she’d be safe with her sisters during the holidays. She was wrong. Dead wrong. Now her “biggest fan” has followed TJ to Whitehorse, Montana, with visions of murder in mind. The only person who can help TJ is ruggedly handsome loner Silas Walker—if she can trust him. Because this mountain man knows just how to hunt deadly shadows…and win.

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(Whitehorse, Montana Series)

Eaters of the Dead
by Michael Crichton
Rating: 4.2


It is 922 A.D. The refined Arab courtier Ibn Fadlan is accompanying a party of Viking warriors back to their home. He is appalled by their customs—the gratuitous sexuality of their women, their disregard for cleanliness, and their cold-blooded sacrifices. As they enter the frozen, forbidden landscape of the North—where the day’s length does not equal the night’s, where after sunset the sky burns in streaks of color—Fadlan soon discovers that he has been unwillingly enlisted to combat the terrors in the night that come to slaughter the Vikings, the monsters of the mist that devour human flesh. But just how he will do it, Fadlan has no idea.

Way Station
by Clifford D. Simak
Rating: 4.4


Enoch Wallace is not like other humans. Living a secluded life in the backwoods of Wisconsin, he carries a nineteenth-century rifle and never seems to age—a fact that has recently caught the attention of prying government eyes. The truth is, Enoch is the last surviving veteran of the American Civil War and, for close to a century, he has operated a secret way station for aliens passing through on journeys to other stars. But the gifts of knowledge and immortality that his intergalactic guests have bestowed upon him are proving to be a nightmarish burden, for they have opened Enoch’s eyes to humanity’s impending destruction. Still, one final hope remains for the human race . . . though the cure could ultimately prove more terrible than the disease.

The Friessens Books 1 – 5 Boxed Set
by Lorhainne Eckhart
Rating: 4.6


From a Readers’ Favorite award-winning author and “queen of the family saga” (Aherman) comes this special boxed set edition!

Includes 5 Contemporary Romance Books from a big family romance series fans have fallen in love with: The Reunion (The Friessens, #1), The Bloodline (The Friessens, #2), The Promise (The Friessens, #3), The Business Plan (The Friessens, #4), The Decision (The Friessens, #5). CLICK above to read the full descriptions!