Saturday’s Mystery eBooks

Mother’s Day, Muffins, and Murder
by Sara Rosett
Rating: 4.4


As a regular volunteer at North Dawkins Elementary, Ellie would never miss the annual Mother’s Day breakfast – even if she has to tolerate the likes of Gabrielle Matheson. The rivals aren’t exactly sworn enemies, though Ellie still thinks there’s only room for one professional organizer in their small Georgia town. But when Gabrielle reports finding a dead body inside the supply closet, the two women form an alliance to teach a killer a lesson in justice . . .

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Full Wolf Moon
by Lincoln Child
Rating: 4.1


Logan has often found himself in situations where keeping an open mind could mean the difference between life and death, and that has never been more true than now.

Logan travels to an isolated writers’ retreat deep in the Adirondacks to finally work on his book when the remote community is rocked by the grisly discovery of a dead hiker on Desolation Mountain. The body has been severely mauled, but the unusual savagery of the bite and claw marks call into question the initial suspicions of a wild bear attack.

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Protected by the Damned Boxed Set
by Michael Todd, Micheal Anderle, Laurie Starkey
Rating: 5.0


Katie Maddison never wanted to learn how to kick a demon’s ass, all she was doing was helping a fellow university student with his Chem homework. She just trusted people too much. Now, she will be the new weapon in a war she had no idea existed with warriors wielding both weapons and supernatural abilities.

Demon Hunters, Demon Fighters … Known as The Damned. People possessed by Demons, but still remaining in control of their bodies. One of the most powerful Demon’s in Hell can’t defeat his sister, so he sets her up to be sacrificed and killed. The only problem? The human she possesses retained her sanity and together they might be a catalyst to change the future of the war.

The Forever Stone
by Gloria Repp
Rating: 4.4


The paperweight – a summons to courage . . . A new home, new love, new fears . . . How will she face the challenge? And what does God have in mind?

Madeleine, a young widow, is determined to break free from her paralyzing memories and controlling family. Her father’s gift spurs her to declare independence, and she joins her aunt’s house-restoration project in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. Two men enter her life, bringing joy, conflict, and danger. She’ll need courage to fight the treachery she discovers and faith to step into a new life of promise. Can she do it?

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I Hear the Sirens in the Street
by Adrian McKinty
Rating: 4.4


A Barry Award winner and shortlisted for the Ned Kelly Award! A torso in a suitcase looks like an impossible case. But Sean Duffy isn’t easily deterred, especially when his floundering love life leaves him in need of distraction. So, with Detective Constables McCrabban and McBride, he goes to work identifying the victim. The torso turns out to be all that’s left of an American tourist who once served in the US military. What was he doing in Northern Ireland in the midst of the 1982 Troubles?

The Famous Union
by Michael Meyer
Rating: 3.8


Adult humorous fiction. Famous Union College is a slow moving train wreck, a place where what is what is not. Two hapless heroes. An exhibitionist secretary. Bumbling administrators. A paranoid football coach. Conniving coeds. A sex obsessed football player. Who knows what will happen next…

“The characters are all interesting and well developed – and many would be great study cases for a psych major.”HAMPTON REVIEWS

No Safe Place
by H. L. Wegley
Rating: 4.6


How much would you sacrifice to regain your honor? After ex-football star, Matt Mathison, allows a career-ending injury to send him to the far country, the prodigal wants to come home and regain his honor. But Matt returns with an assassin on his trail. When he encounters a young woman with secrets, a woman he is drawn to and who seems to need him, he must choose between helping her or endangering her.

Miranda (Randi) Richards, a young meteorologist, takes a job in a remote area near the Olympic National Park to nurse her wounds after her parents brutally disowned her when she converted to Christianity at college. When Randi, a world-class, middle-distance runner literally runs into Matt on a park trail, she believes she’s found someone who can help heal her heart. But she learns Matt has secrets that threaten both her heart and her life.

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Fair Trade For Love
by Weston Parker
Rating: 4.6


He’s willing to trade his daughter. Good. She’s exactly what I want in my life. I come from old money and lots of it. And my business is in need of some numbers help.

The thief’s beautiful daughter fits the bill beautifully. But the innocent girl does far more than help me get the business in line. She wakes me up at night, has me pacing the floor, and drowns me in the desire to focus on so much more than work. Ive not loved or lusted in a long time, but there’s something about her. Whether I want her to or not, she’s causing my blood to burn…

Manhattan Cinderella
by Kate O’Keeffe
Rating: 4.4


22-year-old New Yorker Gabriella Davis aspires to be pop music’s next big thing. Desperate to protect her kid sister, she’s got to succeed. But first, she needs to get away from her narcissistic stepmother who has her working her butt off as assistant to her band.

Super-hot singer Cole Grant is a country boy at heart, so when he leaves his native Tennessee for New York, he’s about as comfortable as a deer on ice. He’s determined to make the most of this chance of a lifetime, but with the explosive family secret Cole needs to keep, this is one opportunity that might just blow up in his face…