Sunday’s Mystery eBooks

Death of a Greedy Woman
by M. C. Beaton
Rating: 4.2 #ad


Eight hopeful members of the Checkmate Singles Club converge on Tommel Castle Hotel for a week of serious matchmaking, the clouds roll in. The four couples, carefully matched by dating director Maria Worth, immediately dislike each other. The arrival of Maria’s gross, greedy partner, Peta, kills the last vestige of romance. And as love goes out the window, murder comes in the door. Peta soon slurps up her last meal, and Hamish is left with a baffling puzzle: Who shared the fateful outing that left Peta dead with a big red apple in her mouth?

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Choice Cut
by Arnold Eslava-Grünwaldt
Rating: 5.0 #ad


“I am becoming a big fan of this up and coming author and the “Cut” series. Each story in the series takes the readers through literary twists and turns seen and unseen. They are not only well written but fun to read. So far, Choice Cut keeps right up with its predecessors!” by Amazon Customer

Although he looks good on paper, he’s no saint and will do whatever it takes to find and destroy them – and whoever gets in his way. In their quest for wealth and/or fame, the two sides inadvertently cross The Butcher, a serial killer with a point to make who has terrorized the residents of Westchester County for several weeks.

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Who Sings to the Dead?
by Max Tomlinson
Rating: 4.7 #ad


Who can you trust in a country haunted by its past?

On the hunt for an abducted Indian beggar girl, Peruvian National Police officer Nina Flores is determined to track down the suspected kidnapper, a man who resembles what the locals call pishtacos: tall, pale ghosts who steal children. In spite of being jumped by a mysterious attacker, and the murder of a woman who gets too close to the truth, Nina is blocked at every turn by her superiors. Then she discovers links to a second case reaching back twenty years to the country’s dirty war.

Defying the powers that be, Nina forms a shaky alliance with a member of a brutal drug cartel and heads deep into the Amazon jungle. She will bring the lost one home, or die trying.

Day of Reckoning
by Kai Strand
Rating: 5.0 #ad


Twelve-year-old, Terra, not only learns she’s a Nature’s Spirit destined to serve the peaceful underground city of Concord, but she also finds that a prophecy names her as the only one who can thwart the leader of the death tribe.The Trepidus are the death janitors of the Underworld. They’re responsible for the termination and cleanup of Concord’s beings.

When their leader, Blanco, learns Terra is the one who can derail his day of reckoning, he does everything he can to get rid of her. Including dispatch a “Bringer” to complete the ultimate of death janitor duties.Terra hopes to complete her training and discover her Spirit talents so, Frank, a Spirit of Security, is assigned to protect her. They undertake a secret investigation of how to defeat Blanco. But with the future of Concord and Terra’s very own life at stake, will they find the answer in time?

Terror on Waxhaw Creek
by Carolyn Digh Griffin
Rating: 4.3 #ad


After five years of grieving the loss of her parents, Siobhan Ferguson returned to the Land of the Waxhaws and the small town of Shady Hollow on Waxhaw Creek. She was consumed with anger, unforgiveness, and resentment toward God, because of the unsolved, double murder of her parents. Little did she realize the terror that awaited her in that small southern town in North Carolina. Not only did she return to the Land of the Waxhaws, the murderer returned, as well…

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A Room Full of Bones
by Elly Griffiths
Rating: 4.3 #ad


When Ruth Galloway arrives to supervise the opening of a coffin containing the bones of a medieval bishop, she finds the museum’s curator lying dead on the floor. Soon after, the museum’s wealthy owner is also found dead, in his stables.

These two deaths could be from natural causes, but once again Ruth and DCI Harry Nelson cross paths during the investigation. When threatening letters come to light, events take an even more sinister turn. But as Ruth’s friends become involved, where will her loyalties lie?

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The Most Dangerous Animal of All
by Gary L. Stewart, Susan Mustafa
Rating: 4.1 #ad


An explosive and historic book of true crime and an emotionally powerful and revelatory memoir of a man whose ten-year search for his biological father leads to a chilling discovery: His father is one of the most notorious-and still at large-serial killers in America

Combing through government records and news reports and through conversations with his father’s relatives and friends, Stewart turns up a host of clues, including forensic evidence, identifying his father as one of the most infamous and still-wanted serial killers in American history.