Tuesday’s Mystery eBooks

Bridge of Lies
by Edita A. Petrick
Rating: 5.0


Accidental death turns into murder for a reporter in a small Idaho town where finding the truth could result in her own downfall…or death.

Bree-Anne Carver thought it would be a dream job working for the New York Times. But she finds herself installed at a satellite office in rural Idaho assigned to write a blog on fictional and entertaining interactive murders, playfully writing Murders-of-the-Week. She has two years to get one million subscribers. With not much else to draw on, she starts to look into local crimes by the direction of one of her cyber-stalker fans, Wrong Question. Looking into the accidental death of Cody Blaine starts to lead her in dangerous directions.

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School of Necessary Magic Full Boxed Set
by Multiple Authors
Rating: 5.0


With great power comes greater mayhem…

Alison is a teen Drow with a past that’s been erased by the murder of her mother and the betrayal of her father. Well, someone’s going to have to train the girl to use her powers wisely. Good thing there’s a boarding school created to do just that. High school is hard. Facing mountains of homework, that cute wizard, mean girl cliques, and mastering magic alone is nearly unbearable.

Enter her new best friend, Izzy. Izzy has a past that could get someone killed. Too bad she can’t remember a thing.

The Hatching
by Ezekiel Boone
Rating: 3.8


An astonishingly inventive and terrifying debut novel about the emergence of an ancient species, dormant for over a thousand years, and now on the march.

Deep in the jungle of Peru, where so much remains unknown, a black, skittering mass devours an American tourist whole. Thousands of miles away, an FBI agent investigates a fatal plane crash in Minneapolis and makes a gruesome discovery. Unusual seismic patterns register in a Kanpur, India earthquake lab, confounding the scientists there.

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Hired to Kill
by Andrew Peterson
Rating: 4.5


In this fast-paced thriller, special operative Nathan McBride battles the most treacherous enemy he’s ever faced—and the one hitting closest to home.

After simultaneous deadly terror attacks on San Diego and the nation’s capital, Nathan learns that the mass murders weren’t random events – they targeted his family. And the threat is far from over. Part of a larger plot involving a sabotaged North Korean bioweapons facility and an ISIS training camp in northern Mexico, a third attack – bigger than 9/11—is being hatched by cold-blooded killers.

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All That Bedevils Us
by Thomas Watson
Rating: 5.0


If not for the intervention of the insectoid beings called the T’lack, the Faceless War would have ended with the extinction of Humanity and its Sibling Species. That intervention came at a great cost for the T’lack. No one knows or understands Humanity’s debt to the T’lack better than Jan Costa, who paid his own terrible price at the end of that war.

Now the T’lack are themselves in grave danger, facing a devastating civil war between rival factions and threatened by a mysterious race of beings on the far side of T’lack space.

The Waters of Eternal Youth
by Donna Leon
Rating: 4.6


In Donna Leon’s Commissario Guido Brunetti series, the Venetian inspector has been called on to investigate many things, from shocking to petty crimes. But in The Waters of Eternal Youth, the 25th novel in this celebrated series, Brunetti finds himself drawn into a case that may not be a case at all.

Fifteen years ago, a teenage girl fell into a canal late at night. Unable to swim, she went under and started to drown, only surviving thanks to a nearby man, an alcoholic, who heard her splashes and pulled her out, though not before she suffered irreparable brain damage that left her in a state of permanent childhood, unable to learn or mature. The drunk man claimed he saw her thrown into the canal by another man, but the following day he couldn’t remember a thing.

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Family First
by Lorhainne Eckhart
Rating: 4.4


They never expected their happily every after could go so wrong.

Katy and Steven never imagined that their simple dreams would come crashing around them, but six months in and this newlywed couple’s carefully crafted future is crumbling. Instead of being by Steven’s side, Katy finds herself with a distance between them, secrets of her own, and a divided family that could end up with Steven walking away.

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(The Friessens)

The Forest at the End of the World
by Biff Price
Rating: 4.4


The adventure begins…A game of hide and seek leads four children to another world where things are not always as they appear. The Forest at the End of the World is the beginning of the trilogy that carries us to places we can only dream about.

This is a story for everyone – child or grownup. Wisdom the Owl, Glady the Bear, Mercury the Cocker Spaniel, and Harold the T-Rex lead our children to wonderful adventures and incredible sights in The Forest at the End of the World, where all good dreams come from. Want to walk on air? Try it! Grace will show you the way! Sail aboard The Fairwinds on a voyage you’ll never forget! Plus, don’t miss the continuing adventure in The Ocean at the Edge of Forever and The Mountain of the King!

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