Sunday’s Mystery eBooks

Garden Girls (Books 1-3)
by Hope Callaghan
Rating: 5.0 #ad


“Murder She Wrote meets the Golden Girls in this clean, fun-filled mystery series!”

Garden Girls – The Golden Years is the brand new spin-off series of the Garden Girls Mystery series.

You’ll enjoy the same fun-loving characters as they solve mysteries in the cozy town of Belhaven. Each book features the Garden Girls as they enter their “golden years.

Book 1: Double Date Disaster
Book 2: Christmas Crisis
Book 3: Michigan Mayhem

Blood Grove
by Walter Mosley
Rating: 4.5 #ad


It is 1969, and flames can be seen on the horizon, protest wafts like smoke though the thick air, and Easy Rawlins, the Black private detective whose small agency finally has its own office, gets a visit from a white Vietnam veteran. The young man comes to Easy with a story that makes little sense. He and his lover, a beautiful young woman, were attacked in a citrus grove at the city’s outskirts. He may have killed a man, and the woman and his dog are now missing. Inclined to turn down what sounds like nothing but trouble, Easy takes the case when he realizes how damaged the young vet is from his war experiences – the bond between veterans superseding all other considerations.

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Vengeance is Mine
by Urcelia Teixeira
Rating: 4.5 #ad


She’s the one they hired to get the job done. Now they want her dead! Meet Jorja Rose, master art thief.

Twenty years ago, Jorja Rose was at the top of her game. An artisan, supremely skilled, greatly sought-after, and the one who got the job done, no matter the stakes.

Only, she catches her crooked business partner double-dealing with the world’s most ruthless mogul and things take a deadly turn for the worst. Forced to expose them, she gives up her identity and takes refuge in a small coastal town in the south of England…

They’ve come for her, to settle the score, to take revenge…

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The Stranger You Know
by Andrea Kane
Rating: 4.4 #ad


When a copycat killer is targeting college-age girls with long red hair, Forensic Instincts recall a case that put a serial offender behind bars for life. But, as more red-haired victims are added to the body count, it becomes clear that each one has been chosen because of a unique connection to Casey Woods.

Now the Forensic Instincts team must race to uncover the identity of a serial killer before his ever-tightening circle of death closes in on Casey as the ultimate target. One thing about the perpetrator is clear: he knows everything about Casey and he won’t stop until she’s dead.

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by Willow Rose
Rating: 4.6 #ad


When 19-year-old Meg Briggs wakes up after having a crazy party with her friends, she finds a girl in the pool.

Dead. Who is this girl? How did she end up in the pool? Was she even at the party? Even more strange is when they pull her out of the water, Meg realizes the girl looks very familiar. As a matter of fact, she looks just like her.

Like an identical twin. But Meg has no twin, at least none that she knows of, and no one at the party knows this girl or can say where she is from.

What is Meg’s mom hiding from her? FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas is caught in distress at home with her children and between the two men in her life when she is asked to help out on the case.

Who killed Meg’s identical twin and why? And where did she come from?

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The Killing of Sheriff Paddon: The Murder
by Dave P. Fisher
Rating: 4.8 #ad


Clement Paddon, sheriff of Keith County, Nebraska, was narrowing down his investigation into a local stock theft ring. His probing made someone nervous enough to assassinate him along a lonely stretch of track between Ogallala and Alkali. The only witness was Long Rider, an Absaroke warrior, Army Scout and horse thief who had ridden away from the Little Big Horn disgusted with the Army’s inability to defeat the Sioux.

Jack Seaver, Paddon’s deputy, who had left his own stormy history behind in Arkansas, was determined to hunt down his friend’s killer. Whoever it was, had no qualms about killing one lawman and would have no problem with killing another, and it could be anyone around him.

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I Am Pilgrim
by Terry Hayes
Rating: 4.6 #ad


A breakneck race against time…and an implacable enemy.

An anonymous young woman murdered in a run-down hotel, all identifying characteristics dissolved by acid.

A father publicly beheaded in the blistering heat of a Saudi Arabian public square. A notorious Syrian biotech expert found eyeless in a Damascus junkyard. Smoldering human remains on a remote mountainside in Afghanistan. A flawless plot to commit an appalling crime against humanity.

Play Me Back Home In Texas
by Connie Lewis Leonard
Rating: 4.9 #ad


What if the things you left behind are better than you remembered, better than you ever imagined? Thirty years ago LeAnn Kane left the dust and dirt of West Texas behind, vowing never to return. After a successful career with the Chicago Symphony, now she’s running back home – running for her life. While hiding from a murderer, the last person she expects to see is her high school sweetheart, her first and only love. His laughter sounds better than any melody she could play on her violin. His smile, as smooth as butter on hot cornbread, melts her insides, tempting her to stay in Texas. But her life is in Chicago – or is it?

Donald Howard worked hard to rise above the back-breaking work of the oil fields. The sought-after success hasn’t brought happiness or fulfillment. His failed marriage to a Houston socialite didn’t help, either. Seeing LeAnn again brings back the raw emotion of his first love, his innocent love, his trusting love, full of fantasies and hopes. After thirty years of telling himself he hated her, his heart betrays him. Or maybe he has betrayed his heart all these years. She’s dead set on returning to Chicago. He’s going with her – even if it kills him…