Tuesday’s Mystery eBooks

The Other Devil’s Name
by E. X. Ferrars
Rating: 4.3 #ad


Andrew Basnett may be retired from academia, but that doesn’t seem to have stopped his former colleagues from dumping problems in his lap. This time around it’s peppery Constance Camm, whose neighbors keep disappearing. Miss Camm and her sister, Mollie, would probably shrug it off if not for a frightening letter that reads “I know where you buried the body.”

But . . . to which disappeared neighbor does the letter refer? And why was it sent to Mollie, who hasn’t buried anything?

The Twisted Road Ahead
by John D. Ottini
Rating: 4.0 #ad


Finalist in the 2018 Royal Palm Literary Awards Competition

When tragedy strikes, Blake Thomas is left with a broken heart and a guilty conscience. Rather than searching within his heart for the forgiveness he needs, he decides that sometimes it’s easier to just “Blame it on the Weather.”

In “One Shot to the Head,”* Brie’s longtime boyfriend takes her for a romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day, so she naturally assumes that he will at long last propose to her. What she doesn’t expect is an evening that ends in humiliation.

The Pallbearers Club
by Paul Tremblay
Rating: 3.9 #ad


A cleverly voiced psychological thriller from the nationally bestselling author of The Cabin at the End of the World and Survivor Song.

What if the coolest girl you’ve ever met decided to be your friend?

Art Barbara was sonot cool. He was a seventeen-year-old high school loner in the late 1980s who listened to hair metal, had to wear a monstrous back-brace at night for his scoliosis, and started an extracurricular club for volunteer pallbearers at poorly attended funerals. But his new friendthought the Pallbearers Club was cool. And she brought along her Polaroid camera to take pictures of the corpses…

A Twist of Fame
by Jennifer Youngblood
Rating: 4.7 #ad


Forge Chasing is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie who makes his living off of danger. He never backs down from a challenge—be it professional or personal.

When he crosses paths with beautiful but cagey Jetta Jones he falls hard and fast. Forget that Jetta has a ruthless ex-husband who has no intention of letting her go.

Forge is determined to win Jetta’s heart at all costs …

The Book of Uriel
by Elyse Hoffman
Rating: 4.4 #ad


In the fires of World War II, a child must save his people from darkness…

Ten-year-old Uriel has always been an outcast. Born mute in a Jewish village known for its choir, he escapes into old stories of his people, stories of angels and monsters. But when the fires of the Holocaust consume his village, he learns that the stories he writes in his golden notebook are terrifyingly real.

In the aftermath of the attack, Uriel is taken in by Uwe, a kind-hearted linguist forced to work for the commander of the local Nazi Police, the affably brutal Major Brandt. Uwe wants to keep Uriel safe, but Uriel can’t stay hidden…

Obsession Falls
by Christina Dodd
Rating: 4.4 #ad


Taylor Summers witnesses the death threat to a young boy, and does the only thing she can do–she sacrifices herself to distract the killers. Her reward is a life in ruins, on the run in the wilderness, barely surviving a bitter winter and the even more bitter knowledge she has lost everything: her career, her reputation, her identity. She finds refuge in Virtue Falls, and there comes face to face with the knowledge that, to live her life again, she must enlist the help of the man who does not trust her to defeat the man who would destroy her.

Cold Cases: A True Crime Collection
by Cheyna Roth
Rating: 4.6 #ad


Examine the evidence in this volume of notorious true crimes that remain unsolved, from mystifying heists to shocking murders and more.

Cold Cases: A True Crime Collection features case file facts, fascinating details, and chilling testimonies of the world’s most famous cold cases. Written for true crime junkies and armchair detectives, this book delves into the investigations of JonBenét Ramsey, the Black Dahlia, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum theft, the Cleveland Torso Murders, and more. Each chapter examines the facts, while also illuminating the many theories surrounding these baffling cases…

The Unknown Sun
by Cheryl S. Mackey
Rating: 4.4 #ad


The world of Skyfall will die unless Moira finds the lost immortals.

Seventeen-year-old Moira is haunted by the accidents that claimed her family. When she is attacked by a strange boy who seems to know too much about her past, Moira fears death will come for her a third time. Saved by twins Airi and Bel, she is taken to their world and safety.

Or so they thought.

Skyfall is dying, the land destroyed during a supernatural war. Those who had protected it, the lost immortals, have gone missing and the land has decayed beyond redemption unless their magic can restore it. Armed with a mysterious talisman Moira, Airi, and Bel must find a journal left by the twins’ dead mother that will tell them how to find and free the Immortals known as The Unknown Sun.

Comes the Dark Stranger
by Jack Higgins
Rating: 4.1 #ad


Martin Shane is looking for someone to kill. He just doesn’t know who . . . yet.

Eight years earlier, Shane and five other soldiers were captured in Korea. Tortured by a sadistic Chinese colonel, they vowed to stay strong. But one of them broke, revealing all he knew in exchange for his own life. Before Shane could uncover the traitor, explosive shrapnel shredded his brain—and his memories.

Then, after years in a mental institution, a fateful slip awakens Shane’s mind. He’s not sure what happened to him; it feels like the war happened only yesterday. The only thing he knows is that someone has to pay.

Experimental Film
by Gemma Files
Rating: 4.0 #ad


Former film teacher Lois Cairns is struggling to raise her autistic son while freelancing as a critic when, at a screening, she happens upon a sampled piece of silver nitrate silent footage. She is able to connect it to the early work of Mrs. Iris Dunlopp Whitcomb, the spiritualist and collector of fairy tales who mysteriously disappeared from a train compartment in 1918.

Hoping to make her own mark on the film world, Lois embarks on a project to prove that Whitcomb was Canada’s first female filmmaker. But her research takes her down a path not of darkness but of light—the blinding and searing light of a fairy tale made flesh, a noontime demon who demands that duty must be paid. As Lois discovers terrifying parallels between her own life and that of Mrs. Whitcomb, she begins to fear not just for herself, but for those closest to her heart.