Thursday’s Mystery eBooks

Bone Rattle
by Marc Cameron
Rating: 4.5 #ad


At Alaska’s Fugitive Task Force, Arliss Cutter and deputy Lola Teariki are pulled from their duties and sent to a federal court in Juneau. Instead of tracking dangerous fugitives, Cutter and Lola will be keeping track of sequestered jurors in a high-profile trial. The case involves a massive drug conspiracy with ties to a mining company, a lobbyist, and two state senators. When a prosecuting attorney is murdered—and a reporter viciously attacked—Cutter realizes they’re dealing with something much bigger, and darker, than a simple drug trial. The truth lies deep within the ancient sites and precious mines of this isolated land—and inside the cold hearts of those would kill to hide its secrets…

Adrenaline Rush Complete Series Boxed Set
by Lawrence M. Schoen, Brian Thorne
Rating: 5.0 #ad


“An amazing story. You see the action, you smell the fear, you are right there with the heroes. Well worth your read!” – Michael Anderle

Ben “Coop” Cooper is a washed-up, blacklisted, former movie star. He’s also dying.

Out of hope and with no other options, Coop figures he has nothing to lose when an alien robot offers him a chance to resurrect his fallen star.

But nothing goes as he expects. Find out why and will he become more than just a movie star hero in this complete series boxed set!

The Mobster’s Lament
by Ray Celestin
Rating: 4.6 #ad


New York, 1947.

Mob fixer Gabriel Leveson’s plans to flee the city are put on hold when he is tasked with tracking down stolen mob money by ‘the boss of all bosses’, Frank Costello. But while he’s busy looking, he doesn’t notice who’s watching him . . .

Meanwhile, Private Investigator Ida Young and her old partner, Michael Talbot, must prove the innocence of Talbot’s son Tom, who has been accused of the brutal murders of four people in a Harlem flophouse. With all the evidence pointing towards him, their only chance of exoneration is to find the killer themselves.

The Kingsclere Mystery
by Moray Dalton
Rating: 4.1 #ad


The white stuccoed front of Kingsclere House, seat of the Meryon family, glimmered in the wintry twilight. Perched at the end of a long avenue of leafless elms, the Cornish country house was an imposing sight to Rosamund Lang fresh off the train from London. The woman at the agency had advised against her against the appointment, as had the foreboding prediction of medium, Madame Aurelia, but Rosamund needed a job and the setting was spectacular with the isle of Lundy on the horizon. Murder would be the next visitor to Kingsclere and it is up to Richard West, on leave from the Indian Police and an expert in eastern poisons to investigate. Together with Inspector Fordham he collaborates to solve this most puzzling of crimes.

Seasons of Darkness
by Belinda G. Buchanan
Rating: 4.1 #ad


Ethan Harrington’s innocence was lost seven years ago when his mother took her own life. Forced to grow up in a hurry, he quickly learns to build a wall around his heart, vowing to never let it be hurt again. Left alone with his controlling and abusive father in an isolated farmhouse, Ethan struggles to live among the shattered remains of a family that was never functional to begin with.

A kindhearted doctor, a beautiful girl, and a caring nanny all love him in different ways, but Ethan, now sixteen and still ravaged by his mother’s suicide, turns to what he has seen his father take comfort in time and time again – thus giving rise to an inner demon that will not turn him loose.

The Newlywed
by Anna Willett
Rating: 4.1 #ad


Detectives dig deep to discover what happened to a lost bride

After travelling to the breezy seaside town of Seabreak with her new husband to meet his twin brother, Jane Wilson vanishes without a trace.

There is never any sign of her again, and despite blame initially being cast on the husband, with no evidence of a crime, nothing is done.

Years later, Detective Inspector Veronika Pope and her team at the Special Crime Squad reinvestigate the disappearance.

Within and Without Time
by D. I. Hennessey
Rating: 4.8 #ad


Be prepared to laugh and cry, to be inspired, and find your heart rejoicing!

When a sixteen-year-old boy is suddenly caught up in a series of miraculous encounters, it heralds an adventure that will transform his life, rock his town, and trigger events that will ultimately change the world!

Befriended by a powerful angelic warrior, Jimmy finds himself in the center of God’s plan for Earth’s final Great Revival. The beginning of God’s amazing harvest at the End of the Age. Like an intense roller coaster, the journey he experiences is exciting and unpredictable. Heartwarming, as well as heart-rending.

The Broken Bride For A Mountain Man
by Florence Linnington
Rating: 5.0 #ad


Miriam Brooks is a woman accustomed to difficulty, but she has not realized that the biggest challenges of her life are yet to come.

When necessity forces her to move out west as a mail order bride, a blizzard during her journey leaves Miriam with a lasting injury. A mountain man arrives to save her and brings her to town, where she meets her husband-to-be Wilson.

Wilson is caught by Miriam’s beauty but is hesitant about her injury as it will affect the chores he needs her to do. But he marries her all the same in a private ceremony.