Friday’s Mystery eBooks

Anything For A Mystery
by Cynthia Hickey
Rating: 4.1 #ad


A dead body. The only member of her neighborhood watch. A killer moves closer

Stormi Nelson, best-selling romance author, moved into her huge Victorian house in the private community of Oak Meadows Estates. When her agent tells her that her characters are becoming too cardboard and that she needs to get out and mingle with people, she comes up with the idea of a Neighborhood Watch Program. The problem is … she’s the only member.

Out of Nowhere
by Sandra Brown
Rating: 4.5 #ad


New York Times bestselling author Sandra Brown returns with a fast-paced, emotional thriller where the lives of a young mother and a high-rolling consultant collide under devastating circumstances—culminating in a desperate manhunt that will change their futures forever.

At a Texas county fair, amidst carousels and a bustling midway, children’s book author Elle Portman is enjoying a rare night out with her favorite cowboy: her two-year-old son, Charlie. But just as they’re about to head home, the unthinkable happens: a shooter opens fire into the crowd, causing widespread panic to erupt all around them.

The Last Kingdom
by Steve Berry
Rating: 4.5 #ad


From celebrated New York Times bestselling author, Steve Berry, comes the latest Cotton Malone adventure, in which the discovery of a lost historical document challenges the global might of the United States.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria was an enigmatic figure who was deposed in 1886, mysteriously drowning three days later. Eccentric to the point of madness, in the years before he died Ludwig engaged in a worldwide search for a new kingdom. One separate from Bavaria, a place he could retreat to and rule as he wished. But a question remains: Did he succeed?

Trial by Fire
by Terri Blackstock
Rating: 4.7 #ad


Pastor and fireman Nick Foster found the body in the inferno engulfing his church. From the bullet wound in the head, it’s clear this is no ordinary fire victim. The quiet community of Newpointe, reeling from the shock of the dead man’s identity, struggles with the agonizing question: who did it—and why? Paramedic Issie Mattreaux is no icon of virtue, but she cares enough about her teenage nephew, Jake, to track him down when he turns up missing. Only, what she finds is far more than a harmless bonfire on the outskirts of town.

Tall, Dark, and Deadly
by Heather Graham
Rating: 4.3 #ad


New York Times Bestseller: The hunt is on for a missing woman in steamy Florida in this romantic thriller from an author who “knows what readers want” (Publishers Weekly).

Few people in Florida worry when Marnie Newcastle disappears. A successful lawyer with a wild side, Marnie has been known to disappear during her passionate love affairs. But Samantha Miller, a college friend who is as sensible as Marnie is impulsive, knows better. When Marnie vanishes a few days after moving into her dream house, Samantha is the only one who doesn’t think her friend is off on another tryst. There are dark secrets in Marnie’s past, and Samantha thinks one of them may have gotten her killed.

A Fallen Sparrow
by Lynne Tagawa
Rating: 4.5 #ad


It was all Samuel Adams’s fault.

Ruth Haynes uses the pen name Honorius when she writes for her father’s newspaper. Boston has changed beyond recognition, and her Loyalist views soon get her in trouble. With war looming, what will their family do?

Jonathan Russell hides a guilty secret. The Battle of Bunker’s Hill sweeps him and his Shenandoah Valley family into the war. The unthinkable happens, and he’s forced to deal with both his grief—and his guilt.

Lieutenant Robert Shirley is summoned by his godmother and introduced to the Earl of Dartmouth, who charges him to gather intelligence in Boston. He is horrified but must obey.

Where He Can’t Find You
by Darcy Coates
Rating: 4.5 #ad


DON’T WALK ALONE, OR THE STITCHER WILL FIND YOU. Abby Ward lives in a town haunted by disappearances. People vanish, and when they’re found, their bodies have been dismembered and sewn back together in unnatural ways. But is it the work of a human killer…or something far darker?

DON’T STAY OUT LATE, OR THE STITCHER WILL TAKE YOU. She and her younger sister live by a strict set of rules designed to keep them safe―which is why it’s such a shock when Hope is taken. Desperate to get her back, Abby tells the police everything she knows, but they claim their hands are tied.


Darkness in Tiber
by James E. Wisher
Rating: 4.4 #ad


The emperor is dying. Joran Den Cade and The Iron Princess, Alexandra Tiberius race to the capital before it’s too late.

But little do they realize just how big a threat is waiting. The cult of The One True God is lurking in every shadow and they only want one thing, the destruction of the Tiberian Empire.

Can Joran, his soulmate Mia, and the indomitable Iron Princess defeat this newest threat or will the empire fall to the Darkness in Tiber?

More Shocking Celebrity Murders
by Jack Smith
Rating: 3.7 #ad


More shocking stories of murders of rich and famous celebrities! Hollywood is the place where dreams are made. Yet, it can also be the source of many nightmares as well. Many are surprised to learn of all of the tragic deaths that have been inflicted upon celebrities.

Have you ever heard the phrase “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous”? Well—here’s a new twist for you: what about “Deathstyles of the Rich and Famous”? Because here in this book we go down the list of some of the most notorious murders of the fabulously wealthy, famous, or just downright infamous individuals that you’ll likely ever hear of.