Tuesday’s Mystery eBooks

How to Book a Murder
by Cynthia Kuhn
Rating: 4.2 #ad


Small-town bookseller and literary event planner Emma Starrs is out to close the book on a killer intent on crashing the party.

To help save her family’s floundering Colorado bookstore, Starlit Bookshop, newly minted Ph.D. Emma Starrs agrees to plan a mystery-themed dinner party for her wealthy, well-connected high school classmate Tabitha Baxter. It’s a delightful evening of cocktails and conjecture until Tabitha’s husband, Tip—hosting the affair in the guise of Edgar Allan Poe’s detective C. Auguste Dupin—winds up murdered.

One False Note
by Tali Shapira Shechter
Rating: 4.7 #ad


A knockout debut novel packed with twists, turns, and the lies that keep a family together.

Imagine going from upper class to no class in a heartbeat. A phone call. A note. And I’m talking about the cream of the crop: Luxury car? Gone. Careless shopping sprees? Gone. Dinners among the higher echelons of society? Gone. Just don’t let the neighbors see you wearing last year’s clothes.

And your loving husband, the father of your children? He promises it’s going to be alright, eventually – even if he’s the one who lost it all in the first place.

If Death Ever Slept
by Rex Stout
Rating: 4.5 #ad


Murder lurks in the wings of the sprawling Fifth Avenue penthouse of multimillionaire Otis Jarrell, who has just retained the incomparable Nero Wolfe on a case of the utmost confidentiality. But even the master detective cannot prevent tragedy when it inevitably arrives wielding Jarrell’s missing revolver. Soon a second victim meets his maker, and Wolfe must piece together the truth behind Jarrell’s scandalously ill-behaved family. And for one member of that charmed circle—a two-time killer sleeping the fitful sleep of the guilty—it could prove a deadly awakening.

The School of Roots and Vines Complete Series
by Martha Carr, Michael Anderle
Rating: 5.0 #ad


More than Elemental powers runs through Sophie Brigg’s veins. Something that consists of mystery, danger, and a power like no other. Will Sophie and her friends be able to master not only her Elemental powers but the other powers too in order to protect everyone she knows and loves from whatever is trying to destroy the tree at The School of Roots and Vines?

Grab this complete 8-book series boxed set to find out!

Something strange has awakened in her… A power unlike any other. More than just her Elemental power runs through her veins. One that consists of mystery and danger. Sophie Briggs is a freshman at the renowned School of Roots and Vines.

The Knights of Atlantis
by Andy McDermott
Rating: 4.6 #ad


Archaeologist Nina Wilde and her husband, former SAS soldier Eddie Chase, believe their globe-trotting adventures are over – the biggest worry being how their now-adult daughter Macy is going to spend her life.

But after the violent theft of dangerous relics, with the only surviving guard claiming his attackers were “angels”, Nina and Eddie are thrust back into action. Without their knowledge, though, Macy is approached by a mysterious group called the Knights of Atlantis – who want to recruit her.

The Son-in-Law
by Jane E. James
Rating: 5.0 #ad


I just met my new son-in-law . . . And he’s my ex-husband.

They’re here. I watch them arrive from the kitchen window. My pregnant daughter and her new husband. They’ve barely known each other six months. I greet him with a tight smile that he recognizes as fake.

Luke is no good for my beautiful, fragile Cerys. He’ll break her heart. I know that because he broke mine – when he was married to me. I don’t know what he’s after. But I’m going to make it my business to find out. Don’t underestimate me. I’ll do anything to keep my daughter safe.

Martha’s Cove
by Deb Graham
Rating: 4.3 #ad


The only survivor of a 1800s shipwreck, Polly was barely old enough to speak when she was rescued off Martha’s Cove, Nova Scotia. Her adoptive family named her after the cove, forbidding her speaking of her former life. A hard-scrabble life awaits her, saved only by her new brother, Joseph. Meanwhile, her grandfather, who had sent for his English daughter’s family to come to the New World, is tormented by the shipwreck. After fifteen years, are their paths destined to cross?

Another clean uplifting novel by Deb Graham with a strong female character. Be sure to look at her other fiction!

Alex Cross Must Die
by James Patterson
Rating: 4.5 #ad


Brand New Release

An airport killer targeting pilots expands his scope. Alex Cross Must Die.

“Drop whatever you’re doing, Detective Cross, and head to Reagan Airport,” DC Metro Police dispatch says. “A jet just crashed and exploded on the runway. The chief and the FBI want you and John Sampson there pronto.”

Cross and Sampson race to the crash site. The plane didn’t fail—it was shot down by a stolen Vietnam War–era machine gun.