Saturday’s Mystery eBooks

The Accurate Accounts of Agent Jinni the Cat
by Clara Szalai
Kindle $3.99 Rating: 4.0 #ad


Don’t be fooled by her fluffy, lovable exterior – Jinni the Cat is far more interested in solving the mysteries of the universe than making nice or catching mice.

Jinni’s mission could not have been any simpler – study all she can about the human condition, and report back to her superiors so they can determine once and for all what is the state of human existence. But Jinni isn’t exactly the best agent Homeworld has to offer – she’s a wisecracking troublemaker, too smart for her own good. So, when she finally does reach Earth, she shapes into the most appropriate, elegant form imaginable.

Which is why she is currently stuck looking like a cat.

by Karin Slaughter
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


Karin Slaughter’s internationally bestselling novels are as notable for their vivid portraits of lives shadowed by loss and heartbreak as they are for their dramatic criminal investigations. Broken features the return of her most compelling characters and introduces memorable new ones in a tale of corruption, murder, and confrontation that will leave more than one life . . .

When Special Agent Will Trent arrives in Grant County, he finds a police department determined to protect its own and far too many unanswered questions about a prisoner’s death. He doesn’t understand why Officer Lena Adams is hiding secrets from him…

by Gerald Seymour
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 3.8 #ad


Danny Curnow, known in the army family by his call sign, Vagabond, ran agents, informers. Played God with their lives and their deaths, and was the best at his job – and he quit when the stress overwhelmed him.

Now he lives in quiet isolation and works as a guide to tourists visiting the monuments and cemeteries of an earlier, simpler, conflict on Normandy’s D-Day beaches.

Until the call comes from an old boss, Bentinick.

Starlight in the Dawn
by Naveen Sridhar
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.8 #ad


STARLIGHT IN THE DAWN: The Poetic Priestess Who Chose to Fight

Step into the banks of the ancient Euphrates around 2300 BCE.

A high priestess’ epic struggle for power in the men’s world of ancient Sumer. At the dawn of civilization, the beautiful daughter of Sargon the Great and the High priestess of the Sumerian city of Ur confronts the intrigue of politics. She leaves the ivory tower of the priesthood and rises to unforeseen challenges. Intimidated when alone, she faces down and disgraces the king not fearing the stakes. The event has its consequence. This is a gripping story of Enheduanna, the first literary person of ancient history. She was of a stellar reputation for centuries. Her story is based on her words.

Magic at Myers Beach Complete Series
by Alan B. Gibson
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 5.0 #ad


Is Myers Beach hiding a magical secret?

Lily’s intricate fairy figurines aren’t just art; they’re a link to a world she never knew existed. Then Theos, a kite-surfing champ with a royal fairy secret stumbles into her life.

When a looming catastrophe thrusts the pair into a desperate quest to save Theos’ kingdom, it embroils Lily in a world of magic, peril, and hidden legacies.

by Jude Deveraux
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


Darci Monroe overcame a childhood of neglect with an ebullient spirit, a positive attitude…and extraordinary determination. Now the resourceful young woman, hired as Adam Montgomery’s personal assistant, devotes more than just professional attention to this devastatingly handsome millionaire. But one thing bars Adam from accepting Darci’s love: he is intent on discovering the secret of his parents’ disappearance, for she possesses the otherworldly abilities needed to help him fight a terrifying mistress of the dark arts. What Darci ends up offering is a gift greater than Adam ever hoped for, for Darci loves with all her heart, and all her soul, forever…

The War Of The Flowers
by Tad Williams
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


Theo Vilmos is a 30-year-old lead singer in a not terribly successful rock band. Once, he had enormous, almost magical charisma, both onstage and off—but now, life has taken its toll on Theo.

Hitting an all-time low, he seeks refuge in a isolated cabin in the woods. While there, he reads an odd memoir written by a dead relative who believed he had visited the magical world of Faerie. And before Theo can disregard the account as the writings of a madman, he, too, is drawn to a place beyond his wildest dreams . . . a place that will be, and has always been, his destiny.

Friday’s Mystery eBooks

Murder at the Lobstah Shack
by Maddie Day
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


When murder turns out to be the special of the day at her friend’s seafood restaurant, bicycle shop owner Mackenzie “Mac” Almeida and her fellow book club sleuths have to net a killer . . .

From clam chowdahs to oysters on the half-shell, Tulia Peters’ Lobstah Shack offers locals and tourists in Westham, Massachusetts, some of Cape Cod’s most amazing cuisine. But when the body of Annette DiCicero is discovered in the kitchen’s walk-in freezer—with a custom-made claw-handled lobster pick lodged in her neck—spoiled appetites are the least of Tulia’s worries…

Mystery Babylon: The Lion
by Jamie Lee Grey
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.8 #ad


Who will live, and who will die? In the aftermath of a global war, the survivors on an isolated Southeast Alaskan island struggle to cope. But as Sierra Forrester and Austin Martin piece their lives back together, a new danger sails into their harbor. Can the islanders defend themselves from well-armed, trained and hungry interlopers?

Meanwhile, Wu Ying runs into serious complications in his efforts to escape China with his new Christian friends. Will he be able to leave the war-torn country, or will his attempts be thwarted? Failure could leave him destitute and trapped in a dangerous, radioactive landscape…

The Bone Hacker
by Kathy Reichs
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


#1 New York Times bestselling author Kathy Reichs’s twenty-second high-stakes thriller! In this “attention-grabbing” (Booklist) narrative, forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan follows a series of bizarre disappearances on the islands of Turks and Caicos and enters a sinister labyrinth in which a new technology may wreak worldwide havoc.

Called in to examine what is left of a person thought to have been struck by lightning, Tempe traces an unusual tattoo to its source and is soon embroiled in something much larger. Young men—tourists—have been disappearing on the islands of Turks and Caicos. Seven years earlier, the first victim was found in a strange location with his left hand hacked off; subsequently, two other visitors vanished without a trace. But recently, tantalizing leads have emerged…

Broken Rhodes
by Kimber Silver
Kindle $4.99 Rating: 4.7 #ad


Kinsley Rhodes blows into Harlow, Kansas like a tornado, twisting Sheriff Lincoln James’ life into knots. Her grandfather has been murdered and she wants answers.

As if the town’s first homicide in twenty years wasn’t enough, the beleaguered sheriff now has to deal with Henry Rhodes’ bobcat of a granddaughter, plunging his life deeper into chaos. As a dark storm threatens, long-held secrets are exposed, placing Kinsley directly in harm’s way.

In a race against time, Lincoln’s prime objective is to discover the killer’s identity before Miss Rhodes becomes the next victim…

Night Sins
by Tami Hoag
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.4 #ad


A peaceful Minnesota town, where crime is something that just doesn’t happen, is about to face its worst nightmare. A young boy disappears. There are no witnesses, no clues—only a note, cleverly taunting, casually cruel. Has a cold-blooded kidnapper struck? Or is this the reawakening of a long-quiet serial killer?

A tough-minded investigator on her first, make-or-break case . . . A local cop who fears that big-city evils have come to stalk his small-town home . . . Together they are hunting for a madman who knows no bounds, to protect a town that may never feel safe again.

Clash of Legions
by Anthony Riches
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.6 #ad


Two emperors – one must fall

Marcus Aquila and his patron Rutlius Scaurus have fought a superior enemy force to a standstill in Thracia, gaining the favour of the gods but paying a grievous cost in their family’s blood.
Battle-weary and mourning their losses, they are tasked with rooting out a spy ring operating in the lands into which their imperial master Severus’s armies are advancing.

Hunting down informers operating under the skilled and ruthless command of their sworn enemy Sartorius, spymaster to the usurper Niger, will not be easy. But the potential to turn his intelligence network, and thereby deceive and distract the enemy, might land a war-winning blow on the army of the east.

Mimosa Grove
by Sharon Sala
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


Like her mother and grandmother, Laurel Scanlon has the gift of second sight. Though by day she is unfulfilled in life and romance, she welcomes the nightly dreams that show her the image of her true love . . .

When her grandmother dies, Laurel is drawn back to Mimosa Grove—her ancestral home in the heart of Louisiana bayou country. When the community asks Laurel to help in the search for a missing girl, she gets the shock of her life: the child’s uncle, Justin Bouvier, is the man from her dreams.

The Soldier’s Promise
by William Black
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.4 #ad


After his service in the Union Army, Damon Jarret’s only goal is to fulfill a promise he made to his dead brother-in-arms and return an heirloom to his lost kin.

But the Oregon Trail is long – and it’s just as rabid as the war he left behind.

Before setting off, Damon joins the Union Pacific side of the immense transcontinental railroad project and makes his way across a frontier filled with new settlers braving the isolated landscape, hostile Indians, and… men who want to tempt and swindle railroad workers. Men like Harris Gill.

Quest for the Scroll
by R.L. Rinne
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 5.0 #ad


Immerse yourself in a tale that weaves together threads of adventure and romance, in a young man’s arduous quest to protect a sacred scroll containing Saint Martin’s profound reflections on healing for both individuals and the world at large.

Fates intertwine when Magnus encounters Cynde, the spirited innkeeper’s daughter who joins him on the quest, her determination mirroring his own.

A malevolent bishop, fueled by an insatiable thirst for power leads a ruthless band of mercenaries. Relentlessly they pursue Magnus and Cynde across the ancient landscapes of Britain with one obsession, to destroy both of them, and the precious relic they guard.

Thursday’s Mystery eBooks

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Clause of Death
by Lorna Barrett
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


Tricia Miles and her sister, Angelica, are the co-presidents of the Stoneham Chamber of Commerce. Things are changing in the booktown, and some merchants would say not for the better. They grumble that too many non-book-related stores are moving into the village, taking up the most visible storefronts on Main Street, diluting the “Booktown” moniker. Of course, the members with other businesses, like the latest, The Bee’s Knees, are fine with other businesses moving in. No matter what side of the argument they’re on, all the business owners agree on one thing: Tricia and Angelica are to blame.

The Girl Thief
by J.A. Schneider
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.6 #ad


Ensnared into the lives of a troubled, wealthy couple – or is she?

“Please help me.” Kate Tilden reaches her delicate, manicured hand next to mine, and I turn to her, startled. She’s unsteady, and there’s a stain on the bodice of her strappy party dress. Wine, probably. Her big blue eyes are red-rimmed and imploring me, just a caterer’s assistant, for help up the stairs. That startles me more…but so it begins.

Kate and her husband Griffin are a troubled glamor couple with dangerous secrets. Some I know because I have researched them, never dreaming that gaining access to them would be this easy. Has it been too easy? That gives me pause, but I feel kind of sorry for Kate.

Fat Ollie’s Book
by Ed McBain
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.0 #ad


All at once, Fat Ollie Weeks had a truly brilliant idea…

But as any real writer could tell you, that’s how inspiration strikes — with the sudden force of a violent crime. Known more for his foul mouth and short temper than his way with words, Detective Weeks has written a novel. But just as Isola is rocked by the murder of a mayoral candidate, the only copy of Ollie’s manuscript is stolen — and an all-too-real adventure begins as a thief follows Ollie’s fictional blueprint to find a $2 million cache of nonexistent diamonds.

Survivor In Death
by J. D. Robb
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.7 #ad


Lieutenant Eve Dallas must solve the murder of a seemingly ordinary family, and protect one small, terrified survivor in this novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling In Death series.

No affairs. No criminal connections. No DNA. No clues. Lieutenant Eve Dallas may be the best cop in the city—not to mention having the lavish resources of her husband Roarke at her disposal—but the Swisher case has her baffled. The family members were murdered in their beds with brutal, military precision. The state-of-the-art security was breached, and the killers used night vision to find their way through the cozy middle-class house. Clearly, Dallas is dealing with pros. The only mistake they made was to overlook the nine-year-old girl cowering in the dark in the kitchen..

Hide And Seek
by Fern Michaels
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.6 #ad


When it’s time for payback, these friends play to win . . .

An early adventure in The Sisterhood – one of the most iconic and longest-running women’s fiction series of the past two decades – now available with a fresh, new look from #1 New York Times bestselling storyteller Fern Michaels!

The Sisterhood: a group of women from all walks of life bound by friendship and years of adventure. Armed with vast resources, top-notch expertise, and a loyal network of allies around the globe, the Sisterhood will not rest until every wrong is made right.

The Emperor’s Tomb
by Steve Berry
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.4 #ad


Former Justice Department operative Cotton Malone has received an anonymous note carrying an unfamiliar Web address. Logging on, he’s shocked to see Cassiopeia Vitt, a woman who’s saved his life more than once, being tortured at the hands of a mysterious man who has a single demand: Bring me the artifact she’s asked you to keep safe. The only problem is, Malone doesn’t have a clue what the man is talking about, since Cassiopeia has left nothing with him. So begins Malone’s most harrowing adventure to date—one that offers up astounding historical revelations, pits him against a ruthless ancient brotherhood, and sends him from Denmark to Belgium to Vietnam then on to one of the greatest archaeological sites in the world: the tomb of China’s First Emperor, guarded by an underground army of terra-cotta warriors, which has inexplicably remained sealed for more than two thousand years—its mysteries about to be revealed.

The Savage King
by Juliette N. Banks
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.6 #ad


The Dark Kings are the best combination of alpha heroes and romantic suspense. Each book is a roller coaster ride of emotion, danger and sizzling, sexy fun. Carly Phillips, NY Times bestselling author.

I’m a former marine with a thirst for vengeance, undercover in the Mexican cartel for Connor Barrett and the Dark Kings. Last week one of my marine buddies threw an unsuspecting and sexy woman into my arms during a mafia shootout and tasked me with getting her safely home.

The List
by Frank Wheeler
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.6 #ad


A classic western novel from Frank Wheeler with non-stop epic adventure and a blend of western romance

Marshal Dillon Guthrie hasn’t been the same since his wife’s murder. It’s driven him to extremes in the pursuit of justice.
But when his actions damage town property and threaten people’s livelihoods, he faces an ultimatum.

Finding them should be easy. But catching them might be tricky.

Especially with the mayor’s inexperienced son, Sandy McGovern, thrust into the role of deputy under Dillon’s wing. Add to that Ember, a fierce but beautiful ranch owner skeptical of Dillon’s motives and ready to take matters into her own hands.

Wednesday’s Mystery eBooks

Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


Meet Ellie Quicke. Devoted cat lady, tea addict, recent widow — and now amateur sleuth!

Ellie’s reputation as Ealing’s answer to Miss Marple is starting to precede her. Now Constable Milburn comes knocking, wanting Ellie’s help with more police business.

Ellie’s neighbours, lonely ladies of a certain age, are dropping like flies. Three have been found dead in recent weeks. It looks like they overdosed on painkillers. But Ellie smells a rat.

The Sacrifice
by Lorhainne Eckhart
Kindle $2.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


Mark lives and dies by his word, and he would do anything for his wife but park his morals and turn his back on those he has sworn to protect, kids and animals, a promise he made to his wife and to himself.

After evidence uncovers a global child trafficking network with ties to his island, Mark is contacted by a secret agency of retired servicemen and cops who ask him to help track down and rescue the children no one is looking for.

The only problem is that Billy Jo is pregnant, and accepting the mission will mean Mark needs to leave her for weeks or months on end…

Check out:
(Billy Jo McCabe Mysteries)

Did I Kill My Husband?
by AJ Campbell
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.4 #ad


The police officer’s voice is steady as he tells me the news. ‘Your husband is in hospital.’ My heart pounds. I think about my children, safely tucked up in bed. What will happen to us if he loses his life? And more importantly… do the police know where I really was tonight?

Everybody thinks Michael and I are the perfect couple. But everybody is wrong. Because my dear, lovely husband was at the heart of a scandal at the school where he teaches. He was cleared of any wrongdoing. At first I believed him. Now, I’m sure he’s been hiding something terrible.

Where They Found Her
by Kimberly McCreight
Kindle $1.99 Rating: 4.1 #ad


Motherhood hasn’t been easy for Molly Anderson, and the years since the loss of her second child have been a particular struggle. But six months after moving from New York City to sophisticated Ridgedale, New Jersey, she’s finally enjoying life again, as mother of a five-year-old daughter and fledgling arts reporter for the local paper. But this tenuous stability is threatened when the body of a newborn is found in the woods behind prestigious Ridgedale University and Molly is assigned the story. Over the objections of her increasingly concerned husband, Molly dives into reporting, determined to prove herself by uncovering the truth. What she finds is a decades-old trail of dark secrets that winds through every corner of the town.

Eye of the Storm
by Hannah Alexander
Kindle $0.50 Rating: 4.4 #ad


When a killer stalks a small town, a doctor and a missionary find strength in God and each other in this romantic suspense mystery.

After one of her patients is murdered, Dr. Megan Bradley has to get away. Away from the crime she saw but couldn’t prevent, and away from missionary Gerard Vance, who almost made her trust in love again. Shaken and scared, Megan flees to the one place she can heal—her small Missouri hometown. She never expected Gerard to follow her . . . or for danger to find her again.

Two for the Dough
by Janet Evanovich
Kindle $2.99 Rating: 4.5 #ad


It’s the return of Stephanie Plum, New Jersey’s “fugitive apprehension” agent (a.k.a. bounty hunter), introduced to us in the award-winning and bestselling novel One for the Money.

Now Stephanie’s back, armed with attitude—not to mention stun guns, defense sprays, killer flashlights, and her trusty .38, Stephanie is after a new bail jumper, Kenny Mancuso, a boy from Trenton’s burg. He’s fresh out of the army, suspiciously wealthy, and he’s just shot his best friend.

More Work for the Undertaker
by Margery Allingham
Kindle $0.99 Rating: 4.3 #ad


“A top-notch mystery full of keen characterization, humor, old English atmosphere, a charmingly decadent family, and a few sudden deaths.” —The New York Times

A beggarwoman on a bench arouses Albert Campion’s curiosity—and helps Scotland Yard lure him into a case of family dysfunction. The seemingly destitute woman is none other than a member of the eccentric Palinode family, which has recently lost two of its members. The police suspect a poisoner is on the loose, which is why Campion is willing to go undercover as a lodger in the boardinghouse where they live.